Does Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

Massage offers numerous osteopathic benefits and benefits to your overall wellness, including pain management, improved blood circulation, increased mobility, and relaxation. Despite the health benefits, insurance companies won't cover all appointments. At the same time, they may cover certain massage treatments. Learn more about if health insurance companies cover massage therapy. 

Does Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the health insurance plan and the injury in question. See the following findings on massage insurance claims in the Midwest: 

  • 19% covered massage therapy as part of injury rehabilitation
  • 23% of companies limited therapy to 15-minutes
  • 27% required a doctor's prescription
  • 27% said massage therapists weren't covered

To improve your chances of having massages covered, choose your plan wisely and get a prescription from a doctor. You will also want to choose the right establishment. Some policies may only cover massages from certain facilities or doctors.

Most insurance policies won't cover in-home massage therapy. 

How to Get Your Massage Therapy Covered By Insurance

Step One: Get a Prescription

Set an appointment with your doctor. Explain the problem to your doctor and receive a proper diagnosis. Create a treatment plan with your doctor. While creating your treatment plan, request a prescription for massage therapy. 

Step Two: Verify Coverage with the Insurance Company  Once you have a prescription, call your insurance company to verify coverage, including coverage percentage. Your insurance company may not cover 100% of the treatment but supplement 50% of it. You should also verify what treatments are covered and what are not covered. Learn what causes some claims to get denied so you can avoid those issues. 

Step Three: Find Local Spas or Wellness Centers

Research approved facilities and doctors in your area to see your options for massage therapists. You can use reviews to narrow down your options to your favorite ones. 

Step Four: Confirm Expectations with Massage Spa

When you call to make an appointment, verify that they take your insurance and offer treatments that will be covered. If you experience any discrepancies, you should clear things up before you make your appointment. Offer to provide your insurance information in advance if it helps. 

Insurance confusion can lead to more stress than before you got the massage. Eliminate the hassle from the beginning by taking the proper steps to book your appointment with confidence. With the coverage handled, you can focus on treatment. For more information, contact a company like Good Hands Massage Fair Oaks.